Our History

Our business has been operating from the same Lawnton location, selling quality Sheds, Carports and Patios for over 20years. The business started out as a Modern Garages franchise which then became Garage World North Brisbane in the early 2000's. The business is now independantly owned and operated by Jquip Pty Ltd. a Private Company and Licenced Builder owned by Mark Sisson. (QBCC License Number: 1268491)

Jquip design and construct Prefabricated Steel Sheds, Carports and Patios, predominately servicing the North Brisbane area.

Our Brands

Jquip is now an independant building company - not tied to any franchise or distributorship - this way we can continue to provide the best solution for your requirements rather than be limited to the designs and suppliers of the Franchise. Please see our Suppliers page to see the suppliers and brands we recommend and support.

Over the years we have gained a great deal of experience in the design and construction of our products. Our business is focused on providing the best possible design and construction sevice whilst maintaining all legal and regulatory requirements - to give you peace of mind that your construction project will be of the highest quality.

Our Core Values remain:

  • Provide a full design and construction service - using our own construction staff to ensure our high standards
  • Only use quality materials from reputable national Australian suppliers
  • Maintain our ShedSafe Accreditation to ensure independent assessment of our products and implementation
  • Provide all customers with information to help them understand the complexities of building and enable them to make informed decisions.

Our Service

Jquip employs it's own Qualified Tradespersons to install its products, we only use a select few sub-contractors for earthworks and concreting which is co-ordinaed by our site supervisors. This way you are dealing with us from the start of your project until the completion. Our Staff know our products very well and understand the quality of finish we expect to provide our customers, they are not just rushing to finsh this job then onto the next. We believe that if we provide our customers with a high quality finished product and a stress free professional experience then we will benefit from these comments passing onto others.

Many steel structures are designed to be sold as KITS ONLY, they are designed as cheaply as possible to make them attractively priced and simple to supply in kit form, so the supplier does not have to deal with you again once they have their money. Unfortunately, this type of design can make them much more difficult to construct and left with finishes that can only be achieved properly by customising them as the structure is installed. Most of these suppliers are not Licensed Builders and are not legally allowed to supply any Engineering, Plans or even recommend you to Qualified Tradepersons.

At Jquip we will manage the entire process, from site inspections, council applications, ancillary works co-ordination (Plumbing, Electrical, Earthworks etc.) through to final inspection if required.

Our products are customsied throughout the construction process, we cut flashings and ridge caps to fit into the contours of the cladding we install. You are not left with dangerously sharp sheet metal edges exposed for you to cut yourself on, you will not have large gaps for rain and debris to be blown into your building and damaging your posessions, will have doors and windows that open and shut properly and you will have a very consistent and attractive finish to all corners, joins and fixings throughout the stucture.

We understand that in many cases one of our structrues can be one of the largest purchases you will make. If you purchase wisely it can add value to your property well beyond the price you pay for it today - If you don't get it right it can become a strucutre that devalues your property, causing potential buyers or valuers to consider any unapproved or unattractive structure an unesscessary and potentially expensive distraction.

We look forward to hearing from to to discuss your project or ideas.

From Mark Sisson,and the team at Jquip!