There is no STANDARD price for the FULLY CONSTRUCTED cost of a Shed, Carport, or Patio!

Here is how we go about creating our initial PROJECT ESTIMATE

  1. The first thing we do is look at the property you are going to put it on:

    • Proximity to Boundaries / setbacks
    • Fire Speration
    • Easements
    • Site Coverage etc.
    • Determine the Wind Ratings factors for engineering

    we generally do this using Google Earth in the office to provide a reasonable site guide.

  2. We then continue with the building design itself:

    • Enter the Site Specific information
      • Wind Rating information to determine structural requirements
      • Determine Base Connection type to establish Foundation requirements
    • Establish the size and shape you require - apart from our pre-engineered kits all our designs sizes are flexible.
    • Add standard options to suit your specific requirements - see standard options in our Products pages!
    • If custom engineering or options are required we will source external pricing to provide you an estimate.
  3. Foundations:

    • We design the structure based on it being a level prepared site!
    • We will calculate the cost of either:
      • A standard concrete slab, and/or;
      • An engineered slab (if required for commercial purposes), and/or;
      • An engineered slab required to bridge or divert load over or below infrastructure such as sewers and council stormwater, and/or;
      • Footings for posts (if required), and/or;
      • ...fixing requirements if bolting down to existing foundations.
  4. Construction:

    Unlike many other companies that use a "percent of kit" price - we caculate the actual cost to construct your buidling, taking into account the specific design and only the options you have selected.

    • Actual Portal frame erection
    • Acutal Cladding fixing
    • Installation of doors, windows insulation ond other options
    • we remove all waste from site
    • we do not charge extra for custom corner flashings if they are required on site during construction
    • we include the "scribing" in of ridge caps to the profile of your roof cladding selection
    • All Workcover, Public Liability, Materials on Site Insurances.
    • All our construction staff are licensed to Work at Heights and Operate the required equipment.
  5. Building Application:

    • We itemise the Certifiers Fee for a standard Building Application
    • We show the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance Premium for the Project Estimate Price
    • Any standard relaxation fees (if they are confirmed at this point)
  6. What is not included on the initial Project Estimate:

    At this point we do not include:

    • Earthworks to make your site level
    • Access costs if materials cannot be delivered to the construction area
    • Concrete pump costs if trucks cannot reach foundation area
    • Mechanical Height Equipment costs for structures over 3m or having difficult access / unstable work areas
    • provision for stormwater redirection to approved connection or outlet

    These costs will require a site inspection once we have confirmed design specifications

  7. Locked-in Fully Constructed Quotation!

    After a Site Inspection we can confirm all costs and provide you a locked-in Fully Constructed Quotation.